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Five appellations of origin, spectacular farmhouses, specialists in wine tourism.

In Barcelona, wine has been cultivated since Roman times. With the fall of the Empire, it was the monks of the Middle Ages who took the baton to continue the tradition of elaborating this delicacy. Tradition that went to another level in the second half of the twentieth century; and it is that during Modernism, and along with the boom of progressive ideologies in the area of Catalonia, a strong cooperative movement emerged in the agricultural sector, thanks to which the so-called "cathedrals of wine" were built. In Barcelona, as in all Catalonia, both wine and cava are part of the social life and culture of the country. And proof of this are the wine events that take place in this area in summer. Also in this wine region there are at least five denominations of origin, so you will have a wide range of wines to taste if you decide to visit this province. In addition to its wines, here you will find an incredible wine tourism offer, which is framed in spectacular farmhouses of great architectural beauty. Let's mention, just as an example, the Ràfols dels Caus winery, as one of the most emblematic. On the other hand, we must add that the creators of wine tourism in this area are especially careful in the design of outdoor environments, as does the ArtCava winery, where there are also eno-experiences that turn the visitor into an involved, active agent, with activities such as 'make your own wine', very welcome for those who have concerns related to alternative agriculture or who seek to connect with nature and its processes.

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