Wine tourism in Ruta del Vino de Rioja Alta

Real wine culture in Rioja.

The Rioja Alta Wine Route is located in the province of La Rioja, where we can find 54 wineries to visit in 20 different locations. Within the route, Haro, with 7 wineries, is the most important wine tourism destination.

This is one of the best wine routes in Spain, together with Penedés, Ribera del Duero and the rest of the wine routes in Rioja. In addition to the daily activities, the route organizes wine events, such as Miel Venidos al Campo de Miel, or wine tastings at the Castillo de San Vicente. Also, as a sign of the great commitment to wine culture, we can visit the Vivanco-Briones Wine Museum, in the same town, Briones. But in addition to the rich and varied offer of eno-experiences, there are many wine festivals in this area, where you will have a great time. The most emblematic example of this is the Wine Battle in La Rioja, a famous festival held in Haro, on the day of San Pedro, June 29, which has been declared a festival of tourist interest. Ahí es nada. Aún así, aquí no acaba la cosa, también es de interés nacional La Fiesta de la vendimia que se celebra en Logroño, y de gran renombre, la cata del Barrio de la Estación de Haro, que se celebra en el pueblo que lleva este mismo nombre, y cuya tradición se remonta nada más ni nada menos que a principios del siglo pasado, 1906. Attention to the destination of Haro wine because it is one of the most important, not only in the area, but in Spain and the world. Here, in this town, in the historic district, the largest number of century-old wineries in the world are concentrated.

The Rioja Alta wine route is intrinsically linked to the Romanesque route, the Camino de Santiago and religious tourism, since there are at least six monasteries in this area that are still active.

Wineries with wine tourism in Rioja Alta

Do you want to get married and don't know where? Do you want to get together with your family? In this winery, unforgettable events are celebrated.

Wine tourism, open every day, you can drink, eat and enjoy the history of the place. Do you like to improvise?

Mini-courses for beginners in wine tasting with Rioja wines.

Wines with personality in a beautiful winery located in a small village in the Sonsierra region of La Rioja.

Looking for an immediate plan? Daily wine tourism, prepared for you.

Pioneers in wine tourism in La Rioja, a must-see for winelover tourists.

Tastings and tapas for lovers of pleasure and business.

Have you ever done a wine tasting in a 12th century necropolis? Let it not be said that they are not original.

The Betolaza family themselves show you around their winery and vineyards, and give you a sample of their premium wines.

They themselves show you their winery and how they create wine with their own hands.

Tastings of fine, elegant and fruity wines, at very good prices. And for the winegastromic tourists, take a look at their menus.

Ideal as a MICE destination for its function room, remember, if it is vocational, work is always a pleasure.

A wine getaway in the heart of La Rioja, de-stress yourself!

A very varied wine tourism offer, full of art and gastronomy. We recommend the blind tasting and the scape room.

Very diverse wine tourism. They open their winery during the harvest. We recommend your eno-experience: what does this wine smell like?

Good wine with Rioja-style potatoes, little vine shoot chops and local sausage.

Join one of their wine tours, and if that's not what you're looking for, just ask for a tailor-made visit.

Discover the cellar of the treasure. In addition to wine, taste artisanal beers and olive oil. Optional: traditional Riojan food.

Wines of flowers, commented tastings and fusion cuisine seasoned with this story of women dedicated to wine.

Have you ever toured a vineyard in a 4x4? This is yours.

Bike and wines, and lamb chops with vine shoots, delicious.

Small, fourth generation winery, with very personal wines from La Rioja, made with Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo grapes.

Spectacular wine tourism experience: beans, blood sausage, with fried peppers and lamb... Come and learn more about the wine and food of La Rioja.

Top wine tourism, with commented tasting of four vintages, for wine enthusiasts.

One of the few wineries in La Rioja and Spain that offer tastings in vineyards.

In a hot-air balloon or on a segway? Feel another way to experience wine.

Riojas paired with local and international cheeses.

Varied range of carefully selected tastings, pay attention to the premium tasting and the flight tasting.

Bicycle routes and grape harvests glass in hand.

For lovers of the Maturana grape, wines from the well-known area 'Los tres Marqueses' in the Ebro Valley.

Christmas tastings and private tours, fantastic destination for intimate family gatherings and business meetings.

Scape rooms and commented tastings by its prestigious oenologist.

Walks through the vineyard on horseback and by bicycle in the middle of the Jacobean Route.

Open air cinema, live painting and tasting flight, don't miss it!

Immerse yourself in sensory analysis with a tasting of 5 wines from La Rioja.

Wine tourism in all its glory, hot-air balloon experience, Riojan food and medieval history, you won't get bored.

Rioja wines, of temperate climate, made from viura and red grapes.

During the visit, the winemaking, aging and bottling process is explained. Tasting, in their social dining room.

Grape treading fest accompanied by good wine and local food.

Centenary winemaking tradition and pioneers in organic wines with designation of origin of La Rioja.

Feel the influence of these Sonserrano microclimate wines on your senses.

In San Vicente de la Sonsierra, guided tasting of three Rioja wines.

Very creative Eno-experiences, such as their picnic-ebike or their wine cocktail workshop.

Do you love wine and Romanesque art? You are in luck, this winery has what you were looking for.

Bike & Pinic in the vineyard and very educational tastings. For those who are more at home, try their online tastings.